Polygonum odoratum

Article number: 73405


The first glance reveals it: Polygonum odoratum is a knot weed and not related to the real coriander, although the aroma is very similar. It grows bushy and very strong in partially shaded spots and is not hardy.

In Southeast Asian cuisine, the spice herb known as Rau Ram is almost indispensable in the kitchen. You can basically use it for all food for which the real cilantro is used. The fresh leaves are minced and freshly processed or added to the pot at the end of cooking. Very tasty is the Vietnamese coriander in coconut dishes, fish dishes, omelettes or glass noodle salads. But even a simple tomato salad or a rice pan completes the Vietnamese cilantro very well.

In the traditional medicine of Vietnam and Malaysia, the Vietnamese coriander is also used as a medicinal plant and should alleviate indigestion and skin diseases.

  • Color:
  • Growth habit:semi trailing
  • Growth vigor:strong
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